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Celebrating 5 Years of iDeliverd 🎉 ✨ & More Rewards.
Celebrating 5 Years of iDeliverd 🎉 ✨ & More Rewards.


140ML Hot Spray Face Steamer Facial Humidifier Moisturizer Atomizing Face Steaming Device

Fulfilled by: iDeliverd

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Color: White

140ML Hot Spray Face Steamer Facial Humidifier Moisturizer Atomizing Face Steaming Device SPA Nano Mist Sprayer Skin Care


1.Hot spray face steaming device, a must-have hydrating beauty device at home, gently cares for your skin and makes your skin glow with new vitality.

2.Thermal spray can play an anti-aging effect by increasing the temperature of the skin, accelerating the blood circulation of the skin, improving the metabolism, and softening the stratum corneum.

3.Efficiently replenishes sufficient moisture to the skin, removes dirt and impurities in the pores, unclogs the pores, adjusts the balance of water and oil, and makes the skin more delicate and smooth.

4.Applying the mask after using the facial steamer can promote the absorption of nutrients by the skin and double the effect.


1 After connecting to the power supply, short press to turn on the machine, the machine is in working state.

2 The indicator lights up (red).

3 After about 30S, there is mist spraying out.

4 Short press the switch key to turn off the machine.

5 When the temperature control reaches 175 degrees when there is a shortage of water, it will disconnect itself and the machine will be in a shutdown state.


Material: ABS

Color: White

Size: 16.5*11*17cm

Weight: 0.473kg

Test conditions: 10℃~50℃, humidity below 80%

Power Type: Plug-in Power Type

Rated voltage: AC220V

Rated frequency: 50HZ

Rated power: 280W

PTC water tank: nylon + 30% glass fiber, the melting point temperature is 230+-5 degrees, and the self-ignition temperature is above 450 degrees.

UV lamp: input voltage 470V

Water tank: 140mL

Power cord: 110V/220V

Steam temperature: about 40 ℃

Packing List:

1* Host

1* English User Manual

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