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Celebrating 5 Years of iDeliverd 🎉 ✨ & More Rewards.
Celebrating 5 Years of iDeliverd 🎉 ✨ & More Rewards.


My Balance

Welcome to Balance.

Balalnce by iDeliverd provide a unique way to earn, manage, spend and save your balances, giving you power over your entire benefits, refunds and gifts.

Four different ways to ensure you have balance to spend, include iBucks [CashBack service], Refunds from unsuccessful purchase, Gift value or by reloading your balance via your debit or credit card* subject to country eligibility.

Earn iBucks.

iBucks is a new way to earn CashBack on participating products. Spend your accumulated iBucks rewards on your next purchase. Another way to save more with iDeliverd.

  • Identify products with iBucks rewards tag.
  • On every successful purchase, iBucks are automatically added on to your Balance.

Top up Balance.

Now you are able to top up your Balance and spend when low on cash or for sales or specials. My Balance doesn’t expire, residents of these countries are eligible. Balance are not refundable or redeemable for cash, except as required by law, can be used to buy physical products on

  • Add payment method, debit or credit card.
  • Add desired amount on your balance and you are ready to spend.

Gift Value.

Buy gift card or share* your available balance redeemed through iBucks, refunds from purchase or topped up balance, to other users. This value can only be redeemed at, during checkout. 

  • Share* your accumulated balance with other users
  • There are limits on the amount you can share*, You can not share* more than $150*

Refund from Purchase.

You now have the freedom to select how you want us to process your refund. Refunds can be processed to your primary mode of payment or to your Balance, the difference is, primary source of payment e.g. debit or credit card will be available in 5-7 business days while MyBalance is available immediately.

  • ID Verification is required before Balance refund is processed.
  • Refund can be used on the next purchase at, only. Subject to verification*

 Learn More about Balance. Contact Support if you need help.