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Celebrating 5 Years of iDeliverd 🎉 ✨ & More Rewards.
Celebrating 5 Years of iDeliverd 🎉 ✨ & More Rewards.


Discover Foods


Experience Foods Convenience.

Discover iDeliverd q-commerce (quick commerce) for groceries and hot meals delivered to your door from our store partners near you in 3 easy steps.

  • Download iDeliverd Foods app.
  • Sign up and find a store near you.
  • Place an order and track you delivery live in-app.

In-Store Shopping at GreenMart.

Get more deals and fresh produce at GreenMart, iDeliverd's walk-in greens stores near you. GreenMart is coming soon to United States, South Africa, Kenya and United Kingdom. Find your nearest store in-app.

Sell Foods online or In-Store.

If you wish to list your grocery store, foods or any perishables on iDeliverd platforms and apps, you may contact our specialized team for help.

Order Foods