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Season's Deals ❄️⛄ Earn More iPerks Rewards.
Season's Deals ❄️⛄ Earn More iPerks Rewards.


B2B Commerce

Global sourcing simplified.

B2B ecommerce takes traditional sales methods to the next level. Wholesale distributors, manufacturers, and traders can seize the opportunity and stay ahead through iDeliverd integrated B2B.

How can l buy in bulk?

Buy in bulk for your business or clients from any supplier around the world in 3 simple steps. We take care of sourcing and delivery to your preferred destination.

  1. Set your supplier preferences.
  2. Get customized quote within 24hours.
  3. Shipment picked and delivered to your preferred destination.

Wholesale distribution.

Whether you're a wholesaler looking to distribute products to your customers or a retailer expanding sales and need to source new product, iDeliverd has you covered.

  1. RFQ enable buyers requests for quotes on products they're looking for.  
  2. Trade Assurance provides escrow services that ensure a secure payment, products arrive at the final destination in time.
  3. We offer flexible shipping solutions that enable you to use iDeliverd Freight or your prefered logistics provider.

Request a quote.

Our team are available to assist you at anytime. Email your requirements to: further assistance.