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Get $10 voucher when you check out with Affirm.
Get $10 voucher when you check out with Affirm.


Discover Foods


Experience Foods Convenience.

Discover iDeliverd q-commerce (quick commerce) for groceries and hot meals delivered to your door from our store partners near you in 3 easy steps.

  • Download iDeliverd Foods app.
  • Sign up and find a store near you.
  • Place an order and track you delivery live in-app.

In-Store Shopping at GreenMart.

Get more deals and fresh produce at GreenMart, iDeliverd's walk-in greens stores near you. GreenMart is coming soon to United States, South Africa, Kenya and United Kingdom. Find your nearest store in-app.

Some of the top FAQ.

1. How do l pay for my orders? 

We currently accept debit and credit card payments for all our groceries & hot meal orders.

2. How long does it take to deliver?

Unlike our e-commerce, iDeliverd's q-commerce (quick commerce) delivers in under 60min.

3. I'm not at home, can l still get my order delivered?

Yes, you can provide us with an alternative address or we can deliver at the garage.

4. Can l cancel my order if l change my mind?

Yes, you can always cancel order and get full refund before the order is accepted for processing. All processed ordered can not be refunded.

Sell Foods online or In-Store.

If you wish to list your grocery store, foods or any perishables on iDeliverd platforms and apps, you may contact our specialized team for help.