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Over 2 million products shipped around the world.
Over 2 million products shipped around the world.


Bulk Pack Minoxidil Minoxi5, 12 to 24 Month Supply

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Minoxi5 5% Minoxidil hair growth Solution

BULK PACK = Lowest cost Minoxidil in South Africa

The only FDA approved ingredient that is topically applied for treating hair loss and baling in Men and Woman

We are making Minoxidil more affordable than ever, 

Many products claim to be able to stop hair loss and regrow hair, But Minoxidil is the only Topically applied product that is approved by the FDA. Why? because it works for most who try (8 out of 10)

Who should consider using a minoxidil product?

Men and Woman who suffer from pattern balding/hair loss aka: Alopecia

When should you consider using it?

When you are sure about the cause of your hair loss, if unsure consult with a doctor. When used early after noticing hair loss, the success rate is higher, if you are completely bald for a number of years it might be too late

How is it applied

5% is the highest proven strength, anything higher simply gives more side effects. That is why no reputable company produces higher strengths. The product is applied directly to the scalp .When using 5%, Men are to apply 1ml twice daily, Woman to use 1ml once daily

When can you expect hair growth?

When you first start using minoxidil, hair loss is stopped within the first 2 weeks of using. The product works by widening blood vessels around the hair follicles in the skin, this encourages hair growth. Most people start seeing new hair growing by month 3-4.

No other product (that is topically applied) is proven to work, don't trust products that claim to be able to regrow hair within days or weeks. 

Hair regrow requires patience, but making Minoxidil a part of your routine is easy and simple


What you get:

2 x 6-12 Month Supply Packs

12 x 60ml bottles

2 x re-usable droppe

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