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Over 2 million products shipped around the world.
Over 2 million products shipped around the world.


Fulfilment Centers

Where to drop-off your orders.

We have fulfilment facilities where you can drop-off your consignment for pick-up by our delivery team to ensure clients get orders in time and without any delays. Find your nearest fulfilment facility.

North America

iDeliverd Technologies
3740 Balboa Street
San Francisco, CA 94121, United States.

South America

iDeliverd Chile
Los Militares 4611 Las Candes
Santiago de 7560968S, Chile.

South Africa

iDeliverd South Africa
Atrium on 5th Street, Sandown 2196
Gauteng, South Africa.


iDeliverd Kenya
Britam Towers, Cnr Hospital & Kenya Roads
Upper Hill, Nairobi 00100, Kenya.

United Kingdom

iDeliverd UK
2 More London, Riverside
London SER1 2RE, United Kingdom.

Middle East

iDeliverd UAE
The Bridge Building, #2
Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


iDeliverd Australia
15 Moore Street, Canberra 
ACT 2601, Australia.